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Laser Hair Removal in London from the Beauty Clinic

Clients throughout London visit our clinic in Hammersmith to use us for laser hair removal treatments. The treatment itself is a safe, effective and non-invasive method of reducing the appearance of unsightly, unwelcome hair. Laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments and we receive many enquiries from both men and women who wish to rid themselves of unwanted facial and body hair.

Many of our client arrive at our clinic with a sense of trepidation. We provide laser hair removal in a relaxing environment that puts our valued London clients at ease. The procedure itself is simple and virtually pain-free. Here, we discuss our treatments in detail so that future clients visiting our clinic know exactly what to expect.

1 - Consultation and Testing

Following an initial consultation to check your suitability for laser hair removal treatments, we undertake a patch test 48 hours before the first treatment begins. We use patch tests to check for allergic reactions. Less than 5% of our clients experience a reaction. Some clients find that the skin becomes more sensitive following a patch test. When this happens, we postpone the treatment for up to a fortnight to see if any delayed reaction occurs.

2 – Shaving

We will request that you shave the treatment area 24 hours before treatment. If you prefer to be shaved by a therapist, we can arrange this for you. Please be aware that you’ll need to attend your appointment slightly earlier and we may charge for this service. Prior to treatment, the Beauty Clinic uses white pencil to cover tattoos and moles. This helps to prevent burning.

3 – Eye Protection

We issue suitable eye protection based on the type of laser hair removal treatment you’re having. If you are having a partial or full body treatment, we issue black safety goggles. If you are having facial hair removal, we issue white goggles that are light-reflective. Our popular London clinic does not charge for eye protection.

4 – The Treatment

While you’re relaxing, you will feel the surgeon marking out the treatment area. This is entirely normal and nothing to worry about. Once laser hair removal treatment begins, you’ll feel a cool spray coating the skin just as the laser begins to work. During the treatment, you may experience a slight tingle or a sensation of heat but this is not painful at all. Most of our London-based clients find the process surprisingly comfortable. Throughout the treatment, your surgeon will use gel at frequent intervals to help glide the laser and cool the skin.

Typically, you will need between 6 and 12 laser hair removal treatments. Each session can last from 10 minutes up to 45 minutes based on the size of the area being treated.

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