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Laser Hair Removal in Hammersmith & London

We use IPL laser hair removal on all body parts with the exception of the inner ear and areas in the immediate proximity of the eyes. These non-invasive beauty treatments provide lasting results, and as such are in high demand amongst our Hammersmith and London clients. We administer them in two parts – every client undergoes a patch test, then we recommend a specified course of treatments based on the results.


£27 (15mins)
£37 (30mins)

Patch Test

Bikini Line


Brazilian Bikini

Hollywood Bikini





Half Arm

Full Arm

Half Back

Full Back


Upper Leg

Lower Leg

Full Leg

* The first price is for a single session, The second price is for a course of 6 sessions.

Our laser hair removal service is virtually pain-free, although we can provide a topical anaesthetic for any clients with low pain thresholds. In most cases, clients will experience some redness and minor swelling for up to 24 hours following a treatment, but only a very small number will experience other feelings of discomfort. Staff at our beauty salon, situated in London’s Hammersmith, will be on hand to provide any required aftercare and assist you should you experience any minor side-effects.

IPL laser hair removal is just one of two laser beauty treatments we provide. The Beauty Clinic is also one of Hammersmith and London’s top specialists in laser facial rejuvenation. This innovative skin rejuvenation procedure can eliminate the effects of ageing and roseacea. We also use laser treatments to reduce brown spots on hands, dark circles around the eyes, greasy skin and thread veins.

Have a question regarding the laser hair removal treatments we provide clients in Hammersmith and elsewhere in London? Call The Beauty Clinic on 020 8741 7904.

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