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On this page, the laser hair removal experts at The Beauty Clinic, based in Hammersmith, have looked to answer a few questions regarding these innovative and exciting beauty treatments. If you’re more interested in one of the other services our team offers, don’t hesitate to call us on 020 8741 7904.

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Is laser hair removal permanent?

These beauty treatments are not advertised as being permanent, as some Hammersmith clients have experienced hair regrowth at some point afterward (see the next question to learn why this phenomenon occurs). Laser hair removal is very often permanent, however. At the very least, it’s a long-term solution that drastically reduces hair growth even among the least responsive.

What could cause hair to re-grow?

Any significant hormonal change can cause hair follicles to grow new hair, despite them having been long-inactive due to laser hair removal treatments undergone at our Hammersmith beauty salon. For example, pregnancy, menopause or a significant increase in testosterone/androgen.

How many of these beauty treatments might I require?

This depends on what area is being targeted, and the type/colour of your skin and hair. Often, multiple laser hair removal sessions will need to be booked at our beauty salon in Hammersmith. We offer reduce discounts to clients needing six or more sessions.

What is a patch test?

Before we carry out laser hair removal in full, we will need to conduct a patch test (you’ll need to come into our Hammersmith beauty salon for this). These allow us to determine the best settings for the laser treatment, to optimise its effectiveness, and to see whether you’re at risk of suffering any side effects. It will be carried out on a very small part of your skin, which will also give you a good idea of how the process will feel.

What side effects can occur as a result of laser hair removal beauty treatments?

Common side effects include sight swelling around treated follicles, lasting around 72 hours. Mild pain, tingling or numb sensation and redness are also standard. Much rarer, but serious side effects that can occur include scarring, hyper-pigmentation and burns. Due to the aforementioned patch test and ability of staff at our beauty salon, you’re highly likely to experience these issues, and all of them we can treat. You’ll receive more information about potential laser hair removal side effects before you commit to the procedure.

Can laser technology be used for skin rejuvenation?

Yes, to great effect! Laser beauty treatments for skin rejuvenation is one of our areas of speciality. Specifically, we will employ lasers to counteract the effects of rosacea and ageing. These technologically-enhanced beauty treatments are also great ways to reduce the size of brown spots on your hands, circles around your eyes, thread veins and skin that’s prone to looking greasy.

For more information about laser hair removal or any of the other beauty treatments available at our Hammersmith salon (including skin rejuvenation), we urge you to give our team a call. We’re a friendly and professional group of experts, and are always happy to answer questions you’d like before visiting our beauty salon for a consultation or appointment.

Pick up the phone and dial 020 8741 7904 to reach The Beauty Clinic, Hammersmith’s top choice for all types of beauty treatments – including skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal.

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